Wild Tales


The drive for success, vertigo, competition and the inequality of the world we live in causes many people to be stressed out or depressed. Some burst. This is about them.

Pasternak: Thanks to a series of casual conversations between passengers on a domestic flight, they discover that they all have one enigmatic person in common: Gabriel Pasternak. At some point in their lives, each one of them caused him harm of some sort.

The Rats: On a stormy night in a roadside diner, the waitress recognizes her only customer to be the loan-shark who caused her father’s suicide years ago. The cook, an ex-convict, suggest putting rat poison in his plate of food.

The Strongest: Diego drives his powerful Audi down a desolate road. Mario, the redoubtable driver has an old Peugeot 504, refuses to move out of the fast lane to let him pass. The episode produces a verbal altercation that only ends when Diego insults Mario and passes him on the right. A few miles ahead, Diego’s tire pops. His lack of expertise in this area makes him slow in changing it, enough so that Mario catches up and parks his 504 next to him.

Bombita: A tow truck removes a vehicle parked illegally in the Street. It’s owner, a demolitions expert, argues that the curb was improperly painted, making it impossible to know that you couldn’t park there. The crusade to clarify the fact confronts the engineer with a maddening bureaucratic system, causing the complications within both his work and family lives to snowball. When the engineer, now at the edge of a breakdown, discovers that the tow truck has taken his car away again, he embarks on a revenge plot of biblical proportions.

The proposal: Santiago wakes up his father, Mauricio, with terrible news: he hit a pregnant woman with the car and fled the scene. Desperate, Mauricio offers his servant a large sum of money to say that he was the one who was driving the vehicle. Till Death Do Us Part At her own wedding, the bride discovers that her husband is cheating on her with a guest at the banquet. When her attempt to keep up appearances fails, the bride goes headlong on a course of rage, revenge and destruction.

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