Buried Poster

A man is caught in a desperate race against time in this claustrophobic thriller from Spanish director Rodrigo Cortés.

Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds) is an American truck driver who has been contracted to work in Iraq and, while delivering a load of kitchen equipment as part of a humanitarian aid program, he’s captured by insurgent guerrillas who intend to hold him hostage.

Paul is struck unconscious, put into a coffin-like box and buried, and when he comes to, all he has to help him get out is a lighter and a cell phone.

Trapped underground with a limited supply of air, Paul frantically calls his family, his employer and American military and political representatives, trying to remain calm as his chances of survival slip farther away with each passing minute.

After its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, BURIED received 24 nominations at international film festivals and won 10 awards including: Best Original Screenplay at the 2010 National Board of Review USA, Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing at the 2011 Goya Awards, Best Editing at the 2011 Gaudi Awards, Best Film at the 2011 Sant Jordi Awards and Best European Film at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film.

The film was entirely shot in one location (a coffin) and features only one actor (Ryan Reynolds). It is said that one of the inspirations of director Rodrigo Cortés for BURIED were the films of Alfred Hitchcock and Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood called BURIED “a brilliantly twisted suspense thriller that would have made Alfred Hitchcock proud”.

Language: English
Duration: 95 minutes
Rating: 18

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